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I want to connect you with a wonderful student…

21 Jan
To Students in other countries…
With, I try to match females to females because that is “safer” and because the brain is built better for that match.  Most females communicate in a very efficient way with a lot of exchange of data.   Most males are not good communicators… they usually share only 10% of their thoughts and lives.   So it makes sense to match boys to boys and girls to girls.
Let me know your professional plans so I can connect you with some fabulous people …
There are US people who don’t travel much and they can benefit from talking with you and writing with you.
My friend Cary Elcome (a teacher who taught me to close the book and look at the wealth inside the students in the room) teaches in Asia and he can connect you with HIGH QUALITY GOOD CHARACTER  students over 16 years old who can help you grow.  
There are times when a teacher realizes that there is very little that he can do for a student.  If you have a dream, please share it with my network of teachers and they might know a student who can work with you for that dream.
This is a service that is open to every student.    There are many networks.  I have students are will be doctors or lawyers.  I have other students who are firefighters or who will be teachers.   Other students just want to run their own businesses.   Some students don’t know what they will do.
Each of these categories is a network and I want to connect you to the right network for you.
This is perhaps the first time I have ever written about this secret club and secret service that teachers promote.   Unconsciously we treat groups of students differently.   We teachers often talk to each other about our students and we praise you when we talk about you with our colleagues… Sometimes we take the time to foster relationships.
I like to think of the two cultures, male and female, gatherers and hunters, in the way that Rob Becker talks about them (Defending the Caveman by Rob Becker is an excellent show)….  
Mark Gungor   “male female brain differences” on youtube.
Mark Gungor  Male Female Brain Differences.  Go.

It delights me to share this information with you because I know that you will learn more from a peer than from me.  
I benefited from this network of connections because I told a teacher that I might be starting a video documentary in 1984 (I was 26) and that teacher told me, “YOU should contact Erik Friedl.”  Huh?  “Yes, Erik made a student film and he is now a documentary producer.”  This was a student-to-student contact arranged by a teacher.   It has benefited me ever since.  Erik is my mentor and advocate and I help market his movies on youtube.    Go to his youtube account  
This is a long letter to say, “Good luck with your future, students.”  

NOTE:   I also have a secret 10% Business man’s network.   These are cut-throat guys and some females who are going to make it big and they should work with each other.   A guy from Brazil who has a t-shirt company online at age 17 making $2000 a month profit.  Wow.     I have him working with a business guy in Saudi…  
Send me your dreams and I will connect you with some of my students who share your dreams… Image
Look for “Maria Andersen” on youtube.   She talks about “Free Range Learning”

Use Zamzar .com and to download audio files (.mp3)

21 Jan

Here is an activity for BIB Penpals (skype penfriends)….  Find a cool video and convert it to audio.  Then arrange to share it.
This audio track is on the “SLEEP” audio cd that I give to my students…

I grabbed this link   (it is Mark Gungor, Male Female Brain Differences)

I went to  or and looked for the DOWNLOAD button

and entered my email address…  KAZAM!   I got the mp3 download, which I put in the iTunes folder.

Then I put in a blank disk and burned this file along with 10 others to make an audio CD.
I can’t wait to see the collection of cool audio files that you find on youtube and that you can share with adults and others.
Teenagers and young adults have the curiosity and open minds that are needed to explore and discover new and important videos and audio tracks.   Teachers of the future depend on curious minds.  
Here is the next step for BIB Penpals.   Because the typical BIB Penpal students are on skype, you can share videos and audio files via SKYPE with people in China, Iran and elsewhere that have no access to Youtube.   You can send the file via SKYPE or via snail mail.
Using and allows you to have your favorite youtube videos ON YOUR HARD DRIVE in the right formats (.mp3 and .mp4) for sharing.

This is how can share the cultures of other countries.  Cultural interchange and communication.
If you have videos that you recommend, please send the links to
This image comes from an article in Wired magazine.  Notice what sector has expanded greatly.  I highly recommend moving into video — the digital color photo is so 20th century… 
19th Century   B/White photos
early 20th Century  color photos
late 20th Century   digital photos
21st Century     digital video  is the new photo…