Use Zamzar .com and to download audio files (.mp3)

21 Jan

Here is an activity for BIB Penpals (skype penfriends)….  Find a cool video and convert it to audio.  Then arrange to share it.
This audio track is on the “SLEEP” audio cd that I give to my students…

I grabbed this link   (it is Mark Gungor, Male Female Brain Differences)

I went to  or and looked for the DOWNLOAD button

and entered my email address…  KAZAM!   I got the mp3 download, which I put in the iTunes folder.

Then I put in a blank disk and burned this file along with 10 others to make an audio CD.
I can’t wait to see the collection of cool audio files that you find on youtube and that you can share with adults and others.
Teenagers and young adults have the curiosity and open minds that are needed to explore and discover new and important videos and audio tracks.   Teachers of the future depend on curious minds.  
Here is the next step for BIB Penpals.   Because the typical BIB Penpal students are on skype, you can share videos and audio files via SKYPE with people in China, Iran and elsewhere that have no access to Youtube.   You can send the file via SKYPE or via snail mail.
Using and allows you to have your favorite youtube videos ON YOUR HARD DRIVE in the right formats (.mp3 and .mp4) for sharing.

This is how can share the cultures of other countries.  Cultural interchange and communication.
If you have videos that you recommend, please send the links to
This image comes from an article in Wired magazine.  Notice what sector has expanded greatly.  I highly recommend moving into video — the digital color photo is so 20th century… 
19th Century   B/White photos
early 20th Century  color photos
late 20th Century   digital photos
21st Century     digital video  is the new photo…

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