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23 Apr


I am a teacher of English as a second language. Teenagers from Europe,

South America, Africa and Asia come toFloridato improve their accents

every summer. They return to their countries and ask me to find local

U.S.teenagers so they can continue to improve their English.


You have what billions of people want: theU.S.accent. My students

know British English, but they want to speak like you – you will help with

“accent reduction.”


Building bridges with penpals




If you choose to participate in this helpful mission, there are some rules:

a) Boys talk with boys, girls talk with girls.

b) Ask your parents to sit with you during the first contact by


c) If you feel uncomfortable, stop the contact and report to


d) Send me a copy of all email messages and Skype chat

messages. I will use those records to calculate the hours

of volunteer time.

e) Please request a letter for “confirmation of volunteer

hours” once a month.

Any questions? Contact me. Please show this brochure to your parents.


Born in September 2011, Sofia will be ready for BIB penpals in 2026. She will speak excellent English...



Message to Parents

For this project to work successfully, your help is needed. Since you are a savvy worldly

I spoke with this fellow. 16 years old, very sincere. Your next penpal is here

Please select one of the people on this list and reach out. They want to learn aboutU.S.culture and they

want to practice English.


I taught these people face-to-face


Paloma in Brazil:


Falvia (Brazil) bicycle enthusiast inGermany

Facebook: ahmad.alzahri Saudi hospital administrator




I spoke to these people Skype and email:

A teacher inFlorianopolis,Brazil:

Skype: Novinshahroudi

Davitvanyan95 (skype) 16-year-old inArmenia


wise person, you can size up a person who wants to learn English:

Is the person polite?



I have additional lists of people who have asked for free English lessons but I have not taught

them face-to-face. They appear to be sincere people and they are desperate to improve

their English.


Here is a typical result: John Lipkin, a high school student in 2006 (I tutored him

for the SAT), came to my classroom and met Fernando fromColombia, Sezar

fromTurkeyand Karim fromGermany. John gave them

conversation practice and was invited to the homes of these students — John

visited all of them over the next four years.   (Learn more by contacting John at


BIB Penpals is an opportunity for your child to meet people who will give an “inside tour” of cities –    when your child travels, the other student of English will be a local guide. Some of myU.S.students have traveled aroundEuropewithout staying in a hotel.


I invite you to contact me directly with your questions 954 646 8246 mobile

Skype SteveEnglishTeacher



Students in the USA -- are you ready to guide visitors from other countries? When you visit their cities, they'll guide you.



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