Learn about Pikifriends…. let’s collaborate (Isn’t that the core message of BIB?)

9 Jun

I’ve learned much about how to engage students with the lesson plans at PikiFriends.

I’ve had some requests from readers of my other sites  www.GuideontheSide.com and TransformTeaching.org to explain the principles of “lecturing less” and becoming a guide on the side.   The key principles are

a)  listening to what students want to learn

b)  sharing with students the research about what experts think will be needed by employees and workers of the future

c)  taking time to link students to “collaborative skills.”   Show students that they don’t need to re-invent the wheel, just collaborate with others.

For example, the BIBPenpals work connects nicely with Dominos For Schools and the work of PikiFriends.

Here’s a link that I suggest to teachers and students:


I’m impressed with the organization and passion of the lessons on this site.  I’m going to recommend that teachers who take my courses look at pikifriends.wordpress.com.     Steve McCrea    trainer.   www.EdutechFoundation.net  and  www.TransformTeaching.org
Send more suggestions to BIBPenpals@yahoo.com.   
Steve McCrea
Building International Bridges    +1 954 646 8246  if you want to chat.  
Sometimes a phone call is faster than setting up a skype call
SKYPE   SteveEnglishTeacher

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