“What type of American English is most acceptable?”

9 Jun

See the following question.

A student asks what English most U.S. people consider to be the most acceptable within the union.

1)  The word “union” is quaint and sophisticated.  “These United States” eventually became, “The United States,” suggesting one piece.  The questioner is possibly a student of history.

2)  The short answer is “Tom Brokaw.”   A longer answer appears below:

not Southern
not Boston
not valley girl california
not Texas
not New Joisey   (New Jersey)
not NOOOO yawk
not WisCON shin    wis CAAAAHN sin
Ask a central question: Who makes a good news reader?   Tom Brokaw,  Jane Pauley, …
 Midwest without the open “GAAAAD” when they say “God.”
Another newsreader = Brian Williams… born in Ridgeway, New Jersey.   Some people from New Jersey can avoid a strong accent.  [Brian Williams and Matt Lauer, both newsreaders, did not complete university.  Interesting…]
 The important parts to keep are a clear RRR sound and to make sure the word DOG and SAW have the same vowel sound.  … and HOT DOG needs to have two separate sounds.   You can learn more at http://www.BestEnglishSite.com or by searching for a pronunciation video.   http://www.Youtube.com/FreeEnglishLessons and look for “It Sounds Like”…
Questions?  Write to BIBPenpals@yahoo.com

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