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Another person who wants to correspond via BIBPenpals

3 Jul

Here is the contact info for someone named Faisal. 

my email
and Skype name
FAISAL . mahmodi
phone number 0781401503

I hope a U.S. person will contact Faisal and help improve pronunciation.



A nice message:

 The following extract comes from the June 2012 speech at MIT by Salman Khan of

The first is to be just as incredibly and maybe even as delusionally positive as possible. You should smile with every atom in your body, you should smile first thing in the morning, you should even, this is something that I actually do if I’m in a bad mood, force yourself to smile. It releases things in your brain. You should smile with your eyes, your mouth, your face, your body. 


Ciao!  Per piacere… Ho bisogno del tu tiempo (something like that)  

IF YOU SPEAK ITALIAN, my friend Nick wants to correspond and practice on Skype.   He will trade Italian practice for English practice.   Send your email to…   and I’ll connect you with Nick.