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Do you want to become a Cultural Ambassador?

5 Aug

Here’s an example of the type of request that I receive daily.

Hello Steve! Let me introduce myself I’m a student on Civil Engineering, Basically I belong to Pakistan Province of Sindh and I have learnt alot About the Grammar’s rules but still Im unable to write anything in english correctly as well i cant speak English fluently, and i went through alot of webs to find someone who can help me to improve my written as well as spoken Eglish, but couldn’t get any fruitful result Finally I came to across your video on youtube, and found your facebook Id, moreover I want you to help me and find someone on skype with whom i can speak English and can improve.  I hope you will consider my request as a valid one.


Where is this place?

Help!  I need teenagers and other young people (adults up to about 35 years old) to assist with the wave of requests for conversational English.  You don’t have to be a teacher or “good at English” to help.  Share your love of whatever you like to talk about and help people practice English.

The photo is from a facebook page.   The writer can tell you more about it.  His contact info:

Thank you.   (954) 646 8246