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Here are examples of people who are READY to practice English with native speakers…. Let’s get started

21 Jan

This is a message to U.S. Teenagers (and others who speak English) — you can share your skill and gain access to the knowledge of culture and cities in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.  It’s not easy and it’s not free:

1)  You need to listen (it takes patience)

2)  You must devote some time (and your time is NOT free)

REWARDS:  you get to “meet” online with interesting people like:

Learn more by going to this video channel





FIVE YEARS LATER, 2017, There are still students of English who need and ask for assistance.  Where are the compassionate U.S. teenagers who will respond to these requests?

Besides, U.S. teenagers can learn other languages and build skills, too.