Here’s an easy system to use to help an international person reduce an accent

7 Oct

Here's an easy system to use to help an international person reduce an accent is my website. Please suggest interesting quotations to inspire teachers and students.

The other videos are just worth looking at .. fun for starting a conversation.

Have you tried to increase your impact on the Internet?


brilliant explanation of brain differences…

aiglon 1971


12 Global Skills that your students can learn with BIB Penpals

7 Oct

12 Global Skills that your students can learn with BIB Penpals

What are these skills? See them in action at

Write to to get the completed answers.      these skills are based on Tony Wagner’s work about global skills for the 21st Century.  See more at, a web book by Dr. Abraham S. Fischler.


Rui, a teacher in China

7 Oct

Rui, a teacher in China

Write to Rui. He wants to connect his students to your students to practice English.


Hi Email is <>

HIs Skype is   ruirui552601

Do you want to learn about China? Lucinda has some suggestions…

2 Sep

I have been a teacher of English since 1996 and I have met 16 students who were as enthusiastic about learning English as this person is.  I share this letter with you because I want people who know English to help Lucinda find the fluency that she seeks.  == Steve, BIBPenpals


My name is Lucinda, i am very exciting to receive your email! and thanks for your kindly lesson.

here are the answers to those five questiones below.

1.  What do you do in your free time?

      do some reading. or walking around with my boyfriend.


2.  What cities do you want to visit someday?

      Taiwan!!! i will go there by myself someday. and i hope i can settle down in south Taiwan.

3.  Describe a plot for a great movie or story.  

     well recently i finished a Brazilian movie called <the centre station>. it’s a story about a single woman traveled with a child who was looking for his father. actually the woman wanted to abandon the boy in the midst of the way but finally kept her pledge for the boy. the great plot is the moment the boy bought a new dress for the woman—yes, they became very closed friend or even family member after they went through some unforgetable things with each other.


4.  Take photos of your city and describe something in the photo.

     here is an old residential compound which located in XihuRoad, Yuexiu district, has a very long history for about 200 years(i am not sure!)  do you believe that— i have been living in here for 13 years!! but i am going to move cuz of the preserving of this old courtyard. 


it’s beautiful right?(actually i cant find a proper word to describe it.) it’s a school for people very long ago.

yes, this building and i are old friends, we meet each other every every every day!! it was a kindergarten before, and i am sorry to say my old friend was “hurt” by people at that time…however it’s nice now! many people come and take photoes every day.


last photo! this is the path to my home. it’s little dark and damp, but i love it. 

i hope you will like my courtyard and welcome! by the way, it called “ancestral hall of He”(chinese is何家祠) in Liushuijing(chineses is 流水井)



5.  tell me about 5 interesting websites and 5 interesting videos that you have seen on or whatever you watch.   What are the best sites?

  well i am sorry to tell that i seldom use internet through pc…so…the answer to this question is not satisfying…but i can tell you my favorate video is a japanese carton..<my family>..well..i am ashamed for that…

  the best sites for finding videos is i think. actually it makes no diffrence between, but i will find videos on tudou instead of youku.

 looking forward to hearing you soon!


Lucinda’s email is 郭潞   lucinda < >




Then I asked Lucinda if it is okay to post these photos… and she replied like this:


It’s my pleasure to share! no need to hide my name, that’s not something secret.

i am happy that you commend my english. but i have to say my english is not very outstanding among the people at my age.(i am 23 years old and have finished my collage few months ago) because of the lake of practice, i am not very fluent in oral english.(like many chinese english learners)

If you ask me how to learn, i will tell “reading loudly”. yes, just reading can help me so much—pick a piece of english article, under line all the words i dont know, make sure i can understand the words the sentances.( maybe pick one with chinese translation.) and, read them loudly!! make myself heard at least by myself. till ican read it very fluently without anything i dont understand. then pick another piece, go on!(actually, after four or five times of reading, i can read it very fluently.)

this method magically helps me remember all the new words in the article however i never do anything with the words—i just read them, over and over. and the grammar. yes, i learned how to express thanks to the article. sometimes i can recite some sentances when i am walking or watching tv. and i know i put these sentances into my mind.



Do you want to become a Cultural Ambassador?

5 Aug

Here’s an example of the type of request that I receive daily.

Hello Steve! Let me introduce myself I’m a student on Civil Engineering, Basically I belong to Pakistan Province of Sindh and I have learnt alot About the Grammar’s rules but still Im unable to write anything in english correctly as well i cant speak English fluently, and i went through alot of webs to find someone who can help me to improve my written as well as spoken Eglish, but couldn’t get any fruitful result Finally I came to across your video on youtube, and found your facebook Id, moreover I want you to help me and find someone on skype with whom i can speak English and can improve.  I hope you will consider my request as a valid one.


Where is this place?

Help!  I need teenagers and other young people (adults up to about 35 years old) to assist with the wave of requests for conversational English.  You don’t have to be a teacher or “good at English” to help.  Share your love of whatever you like to talk about and help people practice English.

The photo is from a facebook page.   The writer can tell you more about it.  His contact info:

Thank you.   (954) 646 8246

Another person who wants to correspond via BIBPenpals

3 Jul

Here is the contact info for someone named Faisal. 

my email
and Skype name
FAISAL . mahmodi
phone number 0781401503

I hope a U.S. person will contact Faisal and help improve pronunciation.



A nice message:

 The following extract comes from the June 2012 speech at MIT by Salman Khan of

The first is to be just as incredibly and maybe even as delusionally positive as possible. You should smile with every atom in your body, you should smile first thing in the morning, you should even, this is something that I actually do if I’m in a bad mood, force yourself to smile. It releases things in your brain. You should smile with your eyes, your mouth, your face, your body. 


Ciao!  Per piacere… Ho bisogno del tu tiempo (something like that)  

IF YOU SPEAK ITALIAN, my friend Nick wants to correspond and practice on Skype.   He will trade Italian practice for English practice.   Send your email to…   and I’ll connect you with Nick.


Five ways to build international bridges

18 Jun

Click here and listen to how you can become a Conversation Assistant and help building International Bridges…



For more information write to or call  +1 954 646 8246