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A Skype text conversation with Davit of Armenia: A search for conversation partners

13 Dec

Here is a request from a student in Armenia

1)  he has some good suggestions for “history of Armenia”

2)  he really wants to study   I think he is 17 years old and already in university

he could be a good role model for students in the USA

c)  he wants to practice his English by talking on Skype with students and teachers in the USA

Can you help?  He is 9 hours ahead of East Coast USA

This conversation was at 11 am in Florida, so it was 20 hours (8 pm) in Armenia

his email address is dave.vanyan@mail.ru

:03:45 Steve: how are your studies?

:03:54 AM] davitvanyan95: very well

:04:02 AM] davitvanyan95: i enterd university

:04:22 AM] davitvanyan95: i want to speak diiferent students and lecturer

:04:40 AM] davitvanyan95: please say they my skaype and they will call me


:05:05 Steve: perhaps you can create a group of students and I will get a group of students

:05:18 Steve: i will be meeting with a teacher on SATURDAY at 10:30 am in my house

:05:35 Steve: Maybe 10 am

:05:39 AM] davitvanyan95: i want to speak soo much

:06:01 AM] davitvanyan95: because i want to improve my speech and accent

:06:35 Steve: can you call me on skype at 19:00 hours on Saturday?

:06:44 Steve: I will have a friend who is a teacher and you can practice with him, too/


:06:45 AM] davitvanyan95: have you students ?can i speak with them right now

:06:58 AM] davitvanyan95: please say him email?


:06:59 Steve: I am very busy now  … but my friend Matthew has students.

:07:08 Steve: i can perhaps create a group of students to talk with you.


:07:13 AM] davitvanyan95: or adress skaype

:07:17 AM] davitvanyan95: ok want


This is what the Armenian language looks like. This is an excerpt from a transcription of Ken Robinson’s speech to TED Talks.

:07:47 Steve: i will give more students your skype address

:07:53 Steve: do you have facebook?

:08:53 Steve: my facebook is  www.facebook.com/theguideontheside

:08:56 Steve: please find me.

:09:02 Steve: then i can connect you to my students


:09:50 AM] davitvanyan95: i find you

:09:50 Steve: another teacher is Dennis Yuzenas.  his father was from Lithuania.   dyuzenas@oapb.org

:10:15 AM] davitvanyan95: can you write him skaype adress

:10:18 Steve: you can write to Dennis now and ask for his students to contact you.  he is a history teacher and maybe you can ask his students to learn about your coutnry’s history.   HOw about Turkey in 1912…

:10:40 Steve: yuzenas does not have skype…. but his students have skype.  Write to him directly.

:10:58 Steve: Many teachers are private with their email addresses but you can talk with Matt (my teacher friend) on saturday.  is that a good plan?

:00 AM] davitvanyan95: ok

:15:48 Steve: i will send you some youtube videos to see my friend yuzenas in the classroom

:15:48 AM] davitvanyan95: ok ask them to call me

:15:59 Steve: yes, i will ask them to write to you and ask their studnets to call you.


:16:37 AM] davitvanyan95: ok thank you

:16:37 Steve: I am looking for some videos about history.  Do you have a recommendation on youtube?   what are good videos about armenia?

:18:58 Steve: is this a good video?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP7X3gcBaAY

:19:09 Steve: i want to find a good history of Armenia to show my students


:20:54 AM] davitvanyan95: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Armenia


:22:26 Steve: excellent!   but i need to know if this is accurate.


:22:39 AM] davitvanyan95: http://armenia-tv.ru/the-armenian-genocide/


:22:41 Steve: do you agree with the information in wikipedia about Armenia?  Does the article tell the truth?


:22:50 AM] davitvanyan95: everything about armenian is true


:22:52 Steve: yes, the genocide that video will be important

:23:19 Steve: thank you I will show this information to my students.    What is your hope for the future?   What are the problems and what are the solutions for Armenia?


DAVIT:  Armenia is developing coutry

davitvanyan95: but our  country is  not so rich

 davitvanyan95: http://go.mail.ru/search_video?q=armenian%20hystory&fr=web_videorb#d=3598256660&sig=3a11b6c15f&i=3_zjoTYRMgU&s=youtube

This message  is for teachers and students in the USA.  Please contact Davit.  he wants to practice English by Skype.

you can start by finding him on FACEBOOK and by writing to his email address

EMAIL   dave.vanyan@mail.ru


This message is given to Dennis Yuzenas and Matt Blazek and Omar Vasile… please think about how we can get some students to contact Davit.

I’m also sending this message to Michael Mayo, a reporter who writes for the Sun Sentinel  mmayo@tribune.com…  (a talented writer). 

Learn more at www.Youtube.com/bibpenpals.