About BIB Penpals (let’s practice English)

TO:  Directors of high schools in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America
BIB = Building International Bridges

I am a teacher of English language and I work with students at several high schools in Florida.    Many of these students have never visited your country but they dream about traveling … and these students have a skill that many of your students want:  the U.S. accent.

I created a project called “Skype Penpals” (BIB Penpals) to encourage students in the USA to write to and speak with students in other countries.  The U.S. students can become “conversation assistants” to help other students with English language practice.  The U.S. students can also learn some phrases in other languages.

The directors of high schools in the USA believe that it is a good idea to create a “school to school” project.   If you would like your school to participate, please write to:
Steve McCrea, Coordinator
Building International Bridges  (BIB)
BIB Skype Penpals
2314 Desota Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33301
If you prefer, please write to BuildingInternationalBridges@gmail.com  

I will connect your teachers with teachers in high schools in the USA.

Thank you for your time.





I have a program called BIB Penpals.  

I hope you will listen to the videos and join us.   

You can practice English with a U.S. teenager and you can
practice with other English language students.

Do you want to visit Brazil?  Contact professor Jair…
He can connect you with his students in Florianopolis.  

What is the temperature in Barcelona?

Steve McCrea

Learn about BIB Penpals
Building International Bridges with Skype and Facebook  (safely)

Look for


and look for
Practice English
Help teenagers learn English and improve their accent
U.S. Teenagers can get volunteer hours and learn cultural details from teenagers around the world.  (See BIB Penpals).Rules
1. Teens need to get parent permission and guidance,
2.  For community service hours, keep notes of errors by the other student.
3.  Send the phrases to  TLASteve@gmail.com  with time started and ended for reach conversation
4,  Forward a copy of every email to Mr. steve to check grammar.
Questions?  +1 954 646 8246

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